Sign the call!

Many organisations, groups and persons have already signed the call for the international demonstration. Join us now! Your signature and your contribution will help that the demonstration on 8 July 2017 will be as huge as we all hope and expect!

The list of signatories on this webpage will be regulary updated.

Together with your signature we ask for a donation that help to cover the costs of the demonstration. This is our guideline for the donations, but of course you are free to give more:

  • Persons: EUR 10.-
  • Small, local groups: EUR 20,-
  • Medium size organisations: EUR 100,-
  • Big organisations: EUR 500,-

Please transfer your donation to the following bank account:

Hamburger Forum e.V., IBAN: DE32 4306 0967 2067 3173 01, BIC: GENODEM1GLS, Reference: G20 Gipfel

Person (EUR 10,- or more)Small group (EUR 20,- or more)Medium organisation (EUR 100,- or more)Big organisation (EUR 500,- or more)