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Join the demonstration “Borderless solidarity instead of G20”, on July 8th in Hamburg

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Wars and armed conflicts like in Syria, Kurdistan, Iraq or the Ukraine seem to not be coming to an end. 65 million people worldwide are compelled to flee their countries. Human made climate change is a daunting reality and the social divide has reached dramatic dimensions. The politically responsible for this human and social disaster are convening on July 7th and 8th in Hamburg to the G20 summit.
Against this summit and for demonstrating our global solidarity we will protest in Hamburg’s city center on July 8th when the G20 convenes. For this, we need your support.

With the G20 summit, Merkel and May, Trump, Erdogan, Putin and co. are given a stage to make the issues of environment, social justice, refugees and militarization a plaything of their power politics.
We do not believe that this exclusive club of states should decide on environmental protection when their membership to that club is depending on exactly this environmentally destructive energy sector and very unequally distributed participation opportunities.
We do not think that peace should be negotiated by those, who are directly or indirectly involved in wars, and who are though hardly affected.
We are certain that the G20 will not end refugee’s suffering when their thirst for energy and the arms exports are in fact forcing people to flee.
Since the creation of G7/G8/G20 warm words for the oppressed and displaced have been found. In reality an agenda to maintain the power of this club has been pushed through – against this we want to take a stance!

The G20 are part of the problem, not the solution.
The interests of the Many cannot be subdued to the interests of the Few!

This is why we want to protest in Hamburg’s city centre on July 8th: We will protest with ten thousands of people from different parts of the world, colorful and lively. It will be a manifestation of diversity which defines us, and at the same time a manifestation of unity. No matter if we come from youth associations, from globalization critical networks, from the peace and environment groups, from the alevite community, the Kurdish movement, migrant organizations, one-world-movements, the woman’s and leftist movements, other social movements, parties, associations and many more.

We are united by the desire and aim for creating a different world. We are united by the certainty: When if not now! Who if not us!
To create a demonstration with cultural acts, music and great speakers from the social movements around the world we need your support – from your organizations or individually and if possible with a donation! We not just meet in Hamburg, but we are building our movement for the longer future!

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